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Naturally, we’ve got some rules and precautions.

We’re one step closer to a full reopening. Tabbris fits that criteria announced by Gov. Cooper for Phase II of reopening, and we’re rolling out a plan for allowing members back into our space. Carefully.

For Tabbris, truth be told, this has all been pretty difficult. It happened at a time when we were just beginning to get our gears going – hosting events, signing on new members, and figuring things out as a newcomer in Charlotte. 

It halted everything, and it halted our progress. How can you have a coworking space if you can’t go to work? We’ve tried to keep the community together virtually, but nothing can really live up being together in a physical space. 

But we’re getting there. It’ll be a while until we can resume full operations and host events – in the meantime, we’re working on ways to keep members safe and healthy as we invite them back.

First and foremost, we’re going to go along with all regulations from the State government, along with recommendations from the CDC. Re-opening a coworking space after a pandemic is entirely unprecedented, so we’ll be consulting the community and going by examples set by other spaces across the country. This isn’t going to be an easy process, and we’re likely going to have to make a lot up as we go. We ask your patience and understanding, just as you’ve shown throughout this entire process.

Our reopening strategy.

We’re at basic operations – now members will be allowed to re-enter even if they are considered “non-essential.”

If you’ve paused or canceled your membership, you’ll be able to restart it if you feel you need to use the space. Please email paige@tabbris.com for more details.

We will be making several changes within the space. Here’s our list of precautions –

1. We ask that all members wear facemasks in shared spaces. 

This is now required by State law. This way, other members and employees can feel comfortable and welcome. 

2. We won’t be allowing the use of plates and silverware

This is to keep sinks clear, and the added precaution of keeping contact to a minimum. We’ll be providing disposable plates and cutlery, but you’re always welcome to bring your own utensils (as long as you take it home at the end of the day, or keep it in your office). PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE DISHES IN THE SINK!

3. Pay attention to signage and email updates.

This is important. We’ll be posting several posters around the space providing up-to-date details about what’s going on. Make sure you’re taking note of the posted precautions and paying attention to emails.

4. Stay six-feet apart.

We’re going to do our best to post signs and tape indicating 6-feet distances, but it’s not always possible to measure this out from every angle. We ask that you please adhere to the CDC guidelines and do your best to keep six-feet (or more) from others. 

5. We’ll be re-arranging seating.

Staff will be moving around our furniture and desk chairs so they meet social-distancing guidelines, we ask that you please do not move them. Also, only two people at a time in booths, please.

6. We’ll be providing cleaning supplies for members to use.

Disinfectant spray and wipes will be available in the cabinets labeled “cleaning supplies.” We’re asking that you please take advantage of this to keep not only yourself safe, but other members as well. Especially if you have a Hot Desk, since you’re using the most-shared spaces. Hand sanitizer will also be set up around the space.

7. We’re not allowing guests or non-members in the space.

I know we’ve been waiting a long time to have real meetings again, but for the safety of everyone, we’re going to ask that you hold off a little bit longer. This is to minimize the number of people coming in and out of the space, which can obviously help minimize the spread of the virus. You may use meeting rooms with other members as long as you keep them at 50% capacity (this will be posted within each room) and wipe down the room when you’re done.

8. As always, we will continue to clean and sanitize the space.

Staff will be disinfecting daily, and our cleaning crew will be coming in several times per week.

9. We’ll keep capacity at under 50%.

Our current member status is below 50% capacity, and we plan to keep it there until we’re at full operations.

10. So what happens if someone gets sick?

We have to think of the worst-case scenario sometimes. Keep track of your day-to-day health, and get tested if you have any of the symptoms described by the CDC. If you do get sick, you must notify us right away. We will keep your information private, but we will notify the rest of the space that there was a possible transmission. If someone comes to Tabbris sick with COVID-19, we will be closing for 14 days to clean and prevent additional transmission. 

Let it be known…

…that community health and safety is at the forefront of all of our decisions. We want to get back to work like everyone else, but right now the most important thing is to minimize the spread of the virus. As mentioned, we’ve never done this before. Your feedback and suggestions are important to us, so please reach out if you feel there’s something we haven’t covered that needs to be addressed. Questions are also encouraged if you’re unsure or confused about anything. We’ll get through this together.

Thank you for your time, patience and understanding.

All the best,
The Tabbris team.


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