Executive Office


Our executive offices offer a step up from our standard offices – more room for larger teams (three or more).

*restrictions apply


These are like the penthouse of Tabbris office spaces. All of our spaces are suited best for startups, but these are for companies with larger teams, with space for up to 12 employees.  They’re equipped with whiteboards and ethernet ports, and come furnished for as many people as you need. All private office membership prices are based on how many people will be working out of the office, and it’s $500/person. Since our executive offices usually seat three or more members, these offices start at $1500/month. 

Members with executive offices get more access to conference rooms (a.k.a. More hours per month) Some offices also have demountable walls, if you find yourself needing extra room. At Tabbris, we want to give you all the tools to be as productive as possible, because that’s the key to company growth.

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