Tabbris is more than just a co-working space, we're also an incubator. We foster relationships in a productive workplace where you access the help you need to grow.


at Work.

Our space is your space and we encourage you to settle in and make yourself at work. It's your home-office away from home and productivity thrives here.


Work Here. Grow Here.

We’re here for your growth and success – non-committal in all the best ways. We’re here to move you, not keep you still, so we encourage you to outgrow our spaces and —

Spread Your Wings!

Only the Best

for Our Members

  • Fiber Internet
    The most important part, right? Gigabyte internet with eight Ubiquiti dual-radio 3x3, 11 AC MIMO hubs throughout the space for the fastest speeds possible.
  • 24 Hour Access
    Working late? No problem. At Tabbris, our members get 24-hour building access.
  • Member Portal
    Our member portal makes your Tabbris experience seamless. Unlock doors, schedule room access, and manage you membership all within the platform.
  • Kitchen & Bar
    We’ve got a stocked kitchen – full of healthy snacks, drinks and of course, beer (restrictions apply, obviously).
  • Personal Lockers
    Need a place to keep you stuff? Headed to the gym before? No worries. We’ve got a wall of lockers you can rent to keep your stuff together.
  • Printing
    Because believe it or not, people still do that. 50 free black and white prints and 10 free color prints per month on our Savin IM C3000 printer/copier.
  • Coffee
    We’ve teamed up with Charlotte-based roasters Pure Intentions Coffee to bring you fresh, delicious coffee, included with any membership, every day.

Our Space



Executive Office


Day Pass

Ideal for those who just need a change of scenery, or who are in the city for the day, and don’t want to sit at a Starbucks for six hours. If you’re in need of a productive workplace for a day for two, we offer day passes to keep you going. You'll get access to all the same stuff as our hot-seat members – coffee, fiber internet, etc. Day passes are also a great way to get a feel of Tabbris before you commit to a monthly membership. 


Standard Office


Hot Desk

These seats are on fire! A hot commodity, indeed. Reserve a seat now or be burned by desire. You can move around wherever hot-seating is available, and we’ve got quite a few options


Tabbris Memberships

We’ve got the space, amenities and all the extras needed to get sh*t done.

Hot Desks

Come in whenever you want and sit in wherever a seat is available. You can move around and make yourself at work.
  • Open Seating
  • Gigabyte Internet
  • Kitchen & Bar Access
  • 24-hour Access
  • App-based Member Portal

Dedicated Desks

Dedicated to success? Dedicated to the daily grind? Get a dedicated desk. Come in, have a seat, and get to work.
  • Reserved Seating
  • Gigabyte Internet
  • Kitchen & Bar Access
  • Sit/Stand Desks*
  • 24-hour Access
  • App-based Member Portal

Standard Offices

Our standard offices offer a quiet and comfortable workspace with extra amenities to bolster your productivity.
  • Private Office
  • 24-hour Access
  • Gigabyte Internet
  • USPS Mailbox
  • Whiteboard
  • Television*
  • Conference Room Access*
  • App-based Member Portal

Executive Offices

Our executive offices offer a step up from our Standard offices with 24-hour access, gigabyte internet, kitchen & bar access plus:
  • Large Private Office
  • Multiple Ethernet Connections
  • Large Whiteboards
  • Television*
  • USPS Mailbox
  • Storage Lockers
  • Board Room Access*
  • Conference Room Access*
  • Recording Studio Access*
  • App-based Member Portal

* Limited availability — contact our community manager with any questions or to reserve your space today. 


Recording Studio

Got things you want to talk about? Rent out our state of the art recording studio fully equipped with state of the art audio and video equipment along with a large green screen. You can rent by the hour and get access to all our equipment. Only thing you need to bring is yourself.

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