Hot Desk

These seats are on fire! A hot commodity, indeed. Reserve a seat now or be burned by desire. You can move around wherever hot-seating is available, and we’ve got quite a few options


A hot desk isn’t actually hot, but we consider it all the rage. Think of this as your typical library-type arrangement – you come in whenever you want and sit in whatever seat is available. You can move around wherever hot-seating is allowed, and we’ve got quite a few options. Take our cafe area, for instance – it’s perfect for a coffee shop vibe. Come in, have a seat, and get to work. Like all of our memberships, hot desks are a monthly payments. Stay awhile or dip in and out, it’s up to you. You get access to all of our regular amenities – food, drinks and wifi – and have 24-hour access through the Tabbris member portal app. Come take a tour of Tabbris to see if you’re hot for hot seating.

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