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Back in June (almost a year ago, which is insane to think about), we posted in-depth about reopening our space during the midsts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our decision to do so didn’t come lightly, but we felt with proper restrictions and precautions, we could provide a safe space for entrepreneurs to get work done. With re-opening came a long list of restrictions and precautions.

Now that local and national data shows a steep decline in COVID cases, CDC protocols have been updated, and many local restrictions have been lifted, we feel that it’s safe to lift most of our COVID rules, as well.

On May 13th, the CDC announced new guidance on mask-wearing for fully vaccinated people. It states that vaccinated individuals do not need to wear a mask. On May 14th, Governor Cooper and the NC Department of Health and Human Services lifted the mask mandate in indoor spaces for fully vaccinated people. He also lifted capacity limits. At Tabbris, we have decided to align our COVID-19 policies with the NC Government and the CDC.

What does this mean? Let’s start with what is staying the same –

  1. We’re absolutely still taking COVID-19 seriously – this virus is serious, and under no circumstances do we believe in a lackadaisical approach.
  2. We will not change our current cleaning protocols.
  3. We will continue to provide cleaning supplies and keep them in easily accessible spots throughout the space.
  4. Hand sanitizer will continue to be easily accessible.
  5. We will continue to advocate for vaccination and provide resources and information to do so. We believe that in order to truly be over this pandemic, all able individuals should be vaccinated. If you have questions about vaccinations, please see any of our staff or check out this link.
  6. If you feel sick, have a fever, headache or any COVID symptoms, we still ask that you stay home and get tested as soon as possible.
  7. Because of the bubble-like effect that Tabbris has, we will ask politely that guests from outside the space and those touring wear a mask.
  8. The lifting of restrictions is not set in stone. We will always pay attention to local data and restrictions, as well as CDC research and protocols and adjust our’s accordingly.
  9. If anyone within the space tests positive for COVID, we will always notify members as soon as possible with dates of infection. We will also clean the space accordingly and require our staff get tested.

Now, here’s what we’re lifting

  1. We no longer have capacity limits on office space or meeting space. This is done under the impression that those meeting have all been vaccinated. If this is not the case, it is the responsibility of the individual to social distance and wear a mask.
  2. We will no longer require masks be worn by vaccinated individuals. You are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after your second does (for Pfizer and Moderna, for J&J, two weeks after the only dose). Unvaccinated individuals should wear a mask. We ask that you be please be respectful to others and continue to wear a mask because research proves that masks limit the spread of the virus. We will still provide masks to those who may need them.
  3. We will allow event bookings at full capacity, seeing as all protocols are followed.
  4. We will allow the use of our reusable dishware, cutlery and mugs again. We ask that all members put these in the dishwasher to be washed, DO NOT wash yourself and put back in the cabinet. Our staff will ensure that everything is washed and disinfected.

We want to remind everyone that there may be a number of reasons people will continue to wear a mask indoors, and we will not tolerate judgmental or rude comments or actions under any circumstances. We want to create a culture of growth and support, and that does not happen when we judge or create a hostile environment.

The past year has taken a real toll on us, our members, and the surrounding community, and we want to thank everyone for their continued support throughout this entire pandemic. As we come out on what is hopefully the tail end of this, we hope that we’re able to provide a safe space for entrepreneurs to grow and make waves within Charlotte. We’re ready for the continued growth of the Charlotte tech community and economy, and we’ll do everything we can to provide founders and our members with the resources they need to spread their wings.

All the best,

The Tabbris Team.


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