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One of the benefits of coworking is the ability to network, collaborate and bounce ideas off of other members.

Why Cowork?

“Coworking,” for a while, seemed like a trend. WeWork opened trendy, sleek high-rise offices in growing cities, all catered to millennial markets. They seemed to coin a business model of micro-real-estate – small spaces with big potential. But, in our opinion, you can’t brand commercial real estate as a tech company – and that contributed in part to their downfall. WeWork got into such hot water because they scaled too quickly for a business model that isn’t all that scalable. Office space isn’t a new concept, neither is commercial real estate, which is why we, and many other local spaces, take a different approach that helps to give members all the benefits of coworking.

At Tabbris, we consider locally-owned and operated coworking to be a community effort. If you involve the community and partner with like-minded people and organizations, you catalyze growth. It’s not just an office – the whole point is to create an atmosphere and energy conducive to ideas and creativity, which is what comes with having an open space to talk and think. 

Here are the 10 largest benefits of coworking spaces. 

1. Networking

An obvious one, but it’s fun to think about all the connections you can make just by having the means at your ready. No high-pressure conferences or terrifying networking events, just a low-pressure atmosphere with endless possibilities to link up with other cool people with the same coworking mindset. 

2. Fewer distractions than home, but enough distractions to keep from burnout

Did you know studies show that working more hours isn’t always more productive? Humans tend to only have a few truly productive hours, and working longer hours doesn’t always equate to actual productivity, but it does contribute to burnout. Being in a coworking space gives you the chance to get away from WFH distractions – like dogs, kids, even Netflix – while still giving you a chance to take breaks every once in a while. There are chances for conversation with other members, nice scenery for walks, and stocked snack and drink bars. 

3. Collaboration

In coworking spaces, everyone tends to have a similar mindset of collaboration. One of the biggest benefits of coworking is that sometimes it’s ideal to be around other people who are also in the midst of brainstorming and ideating, because it means you have the chance to ask questions and be asked questions. Bouncing ideas off of other members, or even just venting about the struggles of being an entrepreneur, is a beneficial process.

4. Event attendance opportunities

Many spaces include free access to their public events, or offer exclusive member events. Tabbris is no exception. We love events, and that’s one of the biggest perks of coworking spaces. Events go along with networking, but also have the added function of resources and education, depending on the event. 

5. Lower cost than commercial offices, less commitment, and more flexibility

Now for the question you’ve all been waiting for – are coworking spaces cheaper than traditional office spaces? Usually, yes. Since most coworking spaces are low-commitment, there’s not locked-in lease or terms. Often, they’ll be month to month (that’s our motto at Tabbris). This means you have more flexibility when it comes to how long you’re there, or the requirements for renting. Instead of square footage, memberships can often be based on the number of users or employees. For small teams, coworking spaces are absolutely cheaper than a commercial office.

6. Energy

Some people are energy people. If you’re an extrovert (or a fire sign), you’re always gravitating to where the people are. Partially because you don’t want to miss a beat, and partially because you love the energy of a group. Having a more communal workspace means that there’s always going to be a lot of energy and buzz, which can help with morale and even productivity. 

7. Community

The entire point of our coworking philosophy isn’t just to offer cool office space, it’s about offering a community to your members. The motivation behind Tabbris, and many other spaces, is to create spaces to collaborate and be amongst other people. It’s a great way to meet other like-minded individuals and build a community from it. This can be for anything from building your company, to building a team for bar trivia. You’re destined to meet other people and form relationships with peers. This creates community. 

8. Includes diversity into your daily routine

Now, more than ever, It’s important to analyze the spaces around us and actively do things to diversify and broaden our understanding of others and the world. Even if our own teams aren’t diverse (which, you should be actively working to make sure D&I initiatives are part of your growth strategy!), being in a mutual space means that you’re exposed to people unlike yourself, and people who might think differently. There are plenty of classroom studies to prove that we benefit from diverse settings, and that not only do leadership skills improve, we learn how to better understand one another. 

9. Most often in central areas

A lot of coworking spaces, Tabbris being one of them, are in the heart of vibrant areas. Whether they be historic downtowns or bustling city centers, there’s plenty to do and see once you get off work (or during work, we don’t make your schedule). From coffee shops to breweries to venues, sometimes it’s nice to be where things are happening, and discover all the things your city or town has to offer.

10. Connection to resources

Last, but very much not least, is the connection to resources that coworking spaces can introduce you and your company to. From funding resources to lawyers, or just everyday accessibility, we’re here to help you grow and succeed. Coworking leaders and staff members are well-tuned into the local business community and economy, so they’re here to help connect you with anyone and everything that might be able to build you up. 

Interested in coworking with us and reaping all the benefits of coworking? Tabbris is here to help you spread your wings and get on your way. Schedule a tour today and become a part of our vibrant, tech-focused community. 

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